Nevada Southern University


Born in Hollywood, CA


Moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1953



Hyde Park Junior High



Graduated from

Western High School

Las Vegas, NV


of the



Fellow Warriors

(updated Jan 2007)


After graduation I attended Nevada Southern Univ. for one semester.  In 1968 I enlisted in the Navy, I was an electronic technician and aircrew on P3 Orion's.  I deployed threes times to RVN and spent a total of 13 years in the Navy before I decided I had enough.


Right after I joined the Navy, my family moved to Sultan, Washington a small town located in the foothills of the north Cascades.  On my first visit I fell in love with “GREEN”.  In 1972 I put in for orders to the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and have lived in Oak Harbor, Washington (about 60 miles north of Seattle, on Whidbey Island) ever since.  I learned that if I wanted to have a clean car I would have to learn to wash it in the rain.


I met my wife Joan, in 1973.  She was born in the area and raised in Oak Harbor, which is a Dutch community.  There are roads named after her family, so you understand she is Dutch and has buckets of relatives here.  May 10, 1974 we were married in the base chapel with the minister and two of our friends in attendance.  We renewed our vows on our 25th anniversary at the same alter… this time we nearly filled the chapel.  For those that remember him, Jimmy Wiest provided limo services to the reception.  Actually he was a little late driving up from Tacoma, but he made it.


Joan and I have one son, Brady Allen.  He is in his late-twenties and lives nearby.  We did the usual family things while he was growing up… soccer, camping, Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts and so on.  Joan and I became very involved in BSA for about ten years as adult leaders… I was Scoutmaster of BSA Troop 92 in Oak Harbor for about 7 years.  Joan headed up district training for along time.  Woodbadge and a trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch in the mid 90’s are both memorable experiences.  Joan is a “fox” and I am an “owl” YIS


In 1981 I began working for the federal government.  I started as a “clerk typist”… remember I took typing in high school.  A year later I was a “Supply Systems Analyst”, subsequently became a “Computer Programmer” and retired as “Computer Specialist – System Administrator Supervisor”. 


Feb 17, 1998 I was involved in a serious auto accident.  I believe in serendipity?   A  cousins was on the Woodinville off ramp just 200 ft from us just as the accident was happening (of course she didn’t know who was in the van until we made the news that night).  Another relative was passing the freeway at the same time.  A nurse in the emergency room remembered me from 20 years earlier.  She was the daughter of the football coach of my sisters high school… Joan and I used to go to all of Sultans football games.  A few months before the accident I had corresponded with the Washington State Director of Transportation, this would become very useful as time went on.  My “SCOUTS” visited and helped with yard work for a time.  Just shows why sometimes there is only “one set of footprints in the sand.”  I am grateful that I was able to attend my sister’s son “Jer” Eagle Court and watch him play his senior year homecoming game wearing his dad’s jersey number “63”. I do not remember a day since the accident, that I haven’t said “Goodbye” to Joan when we go our separate ways each day or that I “LOVE” her. Fully recovered?


Joan and I both retired on the 3rd of September 2002.   We hit the road.  Started with my class reunion in Las Vegas… visited my oldest sister “Ruth” in Phoenix, AZ…  stopped in Durango, CO for a few days… road the train up to Silverton… then drove to Manitou Springs, CO where we did sight seeing at the Cave of the Winds & Garden of the Gods,   and then to Denver, CO to visit a nephew “JER” who was attending university at the time.  After visiting Jer for a couple of days we drove to Hill City, SD…  did Mt Rushmore and then did a slow cruze home stopping at Devils Tower… Deer Lodge, MT…  and Coer delyn, ID.  Thirty days on the road.


August of 2003 I suffered a heart attack.  I slowly regained most of my strength and stamina.  Still working at staying healthy.  Good thing I was able to retire... 


November 2002 we acquired a few “CRITTERS”.  First we rescued two cats, “Cutie” & “Ilyia” from the pound and then purchased a little Papillion puppy that we named Sunshine… “SUNNY” for short.   Sunny is our dearest and most loving constant companion…  he was even allowed into the hospital several times to visit me when I had my HT.  Sunny is an unofficial “Whidbey Cruzer”,  he attends all of the car shows that we attend and gets more attention than our cars.


Our activities mostly revolve around our activities with the Whidbey Cruzers  a car club that doesn’t care what you drive as long as you are on time for breakfast.  We tour and show our cars.  A 1970 Chevelle Malibu 2 door sports coupe named “NOTANSS”  a 1955 Chevy 210 four-door station wagon that we would really like to take on a Hot Rod Power Tour cruze on Route 66 and lastly a 2006 Chevy Spring Edition HHR that we named REDFLYR

song… “fire and rain”