1… Joan and I the day of our retirement party at the NAS Whidbey CPO club.  Joan’s Aunt Janet took this picture about five minutes before we set our balloons free… what happens next you won’t believe. 




2...  The balloons were found the next morning by Joan's’ Aunt  Linda in her back yard near Bremerton, WA… about 70 miles away as the crow flies…  Aunt Linda was at our retirement...she recognized the balloons and gave  us a call.  You can’t even imagine how that conversation went.


3 … About a week after they were set adrift to wander the earth, the Balloons are home a little worse for the ware. 


They have been preserved for posterity and will be toasted with glass of wine the 3rd day of Sept every year.

song…  “Up Up  and Away”