Purchased 4/29/2003 from The Car Depot consigned

by Jim Cooper of Oak Harbor, WA


Joan and I had been looking for a Chevy NOMAD for several years.  Every Nomad that we found was snatched up before we could buy it (Scott and Linda)… a wreck needing a lot of work… ALTERED or was priced way out of our range.  Then one day we came across this “55 TwoTen Four Door” right here in Oak Harbor.  The paint was done by “Smitty”… the interior looked great… the engine was a rebuilt 283 and best of all… it fit our budget.


As we expected it had a few hidden problems.  The “U” joints had to be replaced, the gas tank leaked and there were some under dash wiring problems.


Eventually we want to put in “POWER” steering and breaks… install disc breaks... tune the suspension… chrome the bumpers… replace the windshield wiper system… enhance the lighting… maybe put in power bucket seats and replace the stereo.  All of these projects are meant to get this CRUZER ready to do a “Hot Rod Power Tour” in the next couple of years.



song… “OLDIES”