Thomas E. Trimbath

8199 Cultus Drive ~ Clinton, WA 98236                                                                                                     425.765.6295


Lead Engineer / Technical Program Coordinator with eighteen years of diverse experience in creating, managing and delivering hardware and software technology solutions for commercial aerospace and government. Skilled at developing and implementing plans in unconventional and multi-cultural situations. Business Consultant experienced with strategic planning for entrepreneurs and small corporations. Writer / Speaker able to create and present clear and concise technical, financial, and narrative documents and presentations to a variety of audiences on schedule.  


Notable professional achievements include:

  Simultaneously developed a detailed long-term plan and strategy to design and certify (FAA) a new class of commercial airplane including requisite industry-wide pilot training while conducting and directing the technical work (testing and software tool development) of ten direct employees and additional contractors.

  Managed the program efforts of various industry partners/competitors, US agencies (NASA, USAF), and international partners (Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy) to develop the requisite software tools and testing. Careful consideration was required to protect proprietary, contractual, competitive, and legal restrictions on information flow and access.

  As Customer Coordinator acted as liaison between the customer (Hughes for ICO Global) and the launch provider (Sea Launch) while respecting the multi-lingual (English, Russian, Ukrainian) and multi-cultural aspects (Islamic, ex-US DoD, ex-Soviet, and the general mix that is American) of those involved while ensuring the technical and contractual requirements were addressed.


        Professional Experience

HISTORY of COMPUTING in LEARNING and EDUCATION, Milpitas, California (virtual) 2012 - current

Interim Program and Proposal Manager  (current - part-time)

       Develop Program Plan to create an online Virtual Museum

       Develop Proposals for traditional and crowdfunding campaigns

       Implement social media platform and campaign

       Represent HCLE at conferences and seminars


NEW ROAD MAP FOUNDATION, Langley, WA (virtual)                                                    2013 - current

Information Manager  (current - part-time)

       Implement social media platform and campaign

       Produce and publish public communications

       Support board and user community

       Safeguard intellectual property


TRIMBATH CREATIVE ENTERPRISES, Clinton, Washington                                              2002 - current

Consultant / Speaker / Teacher / Writer / Photographer  (current)

       Consultant - strategic planning for entrepreneurs and small businesses, life balancing for individuals

       Speaker / Teacher -  Self-Publishing, Social Media, Online Content Management, Personal Finance

       Writer / Photographer  - Written or produced one book a year since 2002; active blogger


SMALL PINES KARATE, Corp., Bellevue, Washington                                                              1998 - 2001

Owner / Operator

       Personal trainer in traditional Okinawan Karate (fourth degree black belt)


THE BOEING COMPANY, Seattle, Washington                                                                         1980 - 1998

Customer Coordinator

       Coordinate commercial airline and rocket customer requests with production line and engineering staff, including foreign customers, and Russian and Ukrainian vehicle providers


Lead & Senior Engineer - Aerodynamic Stability & Control (Product Development & Support)

       Advanced Launch Vehicle - Design and develop commercial expendable and reusable launch vehicles

       High Speed Commercial Transport - Design for certification a supersonic transport. Develop and implement long-term strategies, plans, budgets, and contingencies. Coordinate partners in industry, government, and internationally. Manage ten engineers plus additional contractors and work-in-kind. Lead coordinator on cross-functional, multi-partner, dual-use ARPA contract.

       Facilitated continuous improvement program.

       Improve handling qualities of Chinese regional transport under Boeing contract (CATIC)


Creative Accomplishments

       Literary works:

1)     Just Keep Pedaling by T. E. Trimbath

2)     Twelve Months at Barclay Lake by T. E. Trimbath

3)     Twelve Months at Lake Valhalla by T. E. Trimbath

4)     Twelve Months at Lake Merritt by T. E. Trimbath

5)     Dream. Invest. Live. by Tom Trimbath

6)     Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland by Tom Trimbath

       Photographic work: photo essays of Washington's Cascades, Whidbey Island, and Scotland

       Patent 5,564,652 "Body Spoiler for Yaw Control of a Supersonic Airplane"



Master of Engineering, Aerospace & Ocean Engineering (1986) 

Bachelor of Science, Aerospace & Ocean Engineering (1980)



Personal Life

Non-Profit Participation

       Whidbey Camano Land Trust - Site Steward (Hammon's Property)

       New Road Map Foundation - Board Secretary

       Bayview Community Hall - Board member

       (various unofficial volunteer activities)


And then there's

            traveling, dancing, hiking, skiing, bicycling, karate, reading, cooking, and socializing