Thomas E. Trimbath

8199 Cultus Drive, Clinton WA 98236

(425) 765-6295


Objective :     A satisfying job that makes the world a better place. 


Background :           

Currently, I am a consultant for individuals and small organizations. My entrepreneurial pursuits include writing and photography, as well as enabling other's publishing and social media projects. My first career was as an aerospace engineer (aerodynamics / stability & control) at Boeing. I am an enthusiastic generalist who enjoys learning skills and finding practical solutions to commercial problems. In addition to working as an independent contributor, I have also worked as a lead of 10 direct reports. I am comfortable working on my own, in a team or as a leader.


Managerial Skills :

Long and Short term planning, Budgeting, Contract management, Interviewing, Documentation and Presentations, Customer manager, Interdisciplinary team leader, Small business operations


Technical Skills :    

Product Development, Scientific programming, Wind tunnel testing, Flight testing, Computational fluid dynamics, Flight simulation, Preliminary design tools, Technical documentation, Technical presentations, Governmental certification (FARs)


Entrepreneurial skills :

Project development, outreach, social media platforms, non-fiction writing, nature photography, fundraising, brainstorming, speaking and teaching.


Organizations Supported :

History of Computing in Learning and Education

New Road Map Foundation

numerous small businesses

Boeing Commercial Airplanes (737, 747, 757, 767)

Boeing Commercial Space Products (Sea Launch, Teledesic, Reusable Launch Vehicles)


General skills:

Rudimentary foreign languages (German, Japanese, Russian), Facilitation/Team Leader training,


Academic Background :

Bachelors and Masters degrees in Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Intellectual Property :

1)     Patent 5,564,652 "Body Spoiler for Yaw Control of a Supersonic Airplane" Inventor: Thomas E. Trimbath, Assignee: The Boeing Company, October 15, 1996

2)     Just Keep Pedaling by T. E. Trimbath ISBN 978-0595221004

3)     Twelve Months at Barclay Lake by T. E. Trimbath ISBN 978-0595331147

4)     Twelve Months at Lake Valhalla by T. E. Trimbath ISBN 978-0595349210

5)     Twelve Months at Lake Merritt by T. E. Trimbath ISBN 978-0595390342

6)     Dream. Invest. Live. by Tom Trimbath ISBN 978-1440109201

7)     Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland by Tom Trimbath (on kindle)


Outside Interests :  dancing, martial arts, bicycling, hiking, skiing, sailing, running, writing, photography