July 2008
 - Incorporated suggestions from UW
     - Considering private versus academic structure
June 2008
 - Continued discussions with UW Business
March 2008
 - Coordinated with GSEC personnel to update concept based on GSEC and other existing programs.
February 2008
 - Attended Global Socially Entrepreneurial Competition (GSEC) at the University of Washington (UW).
August 2007
 - Concept updated based on feedback from Hollyhock Summer Gathering participants
June 2007
 - Local universities have been contacted. One has been receptive to further discussions.
November 2006
 - Initial feedback and research finds support and similar efforts, but no duplication.
September 2006
 - The updated concept is published via a web site.
August 2006
 - An initial description of the concept is compiled and reviewed by a diverse group of interested individuals.
July 2006
 - An innovative university-based business program is conceived at Hollyhock - A Summer Gathering