FreeWatch Screenshot

Freewatch is a very simple stopwatch application.  It will run under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.  Heck, it might even work under Windows 3.11.  You may start as many instances of FreeWatch as you like/need.

Using FreeWatch should be fairly intuitive.  Click on the Start button to begin the timer, and then click on the Stop button to stop it.  The Reset button will reset the timer to zero.  The Lap button can be used to freeze intermediate readings while the timer continues on.  The current time as of when the Lap button is pushed will be displayed under the main time display.  After the initial press of the Lap button, any subsequent presses will also indicate (in parenthesis) the elapsed time since the previous lap press.

One other feature of FreeWatch, is the ability to control it from a DOS command line or batch file.  You do this via the following command line parameters:
FreeWatch /start starts the timer
FreeWatch /stop stops the timer
FreeWatch /reset resets the timer to zero
FreeWatch /lap takes a lap reading
FreeWatch /label "Text"
sets description field to text

Note that you may only control one instance of FreeWatch from the command line.

System Requirements:
    Windows 95 or better.

Installation Procedure:
    There is none!  Simply download it and run it!

FreeWatch can now be set to always be on top! Simply click on the stopwatch icon in the title bar (or right click on the title bar) and select the always on top option.  You can also have FreeWatch automatically place times onto the clipboard!  By selecting "Copy Time to Clipboard" FreeWatch will copy the final time to the clipboard where it can be pasted (Ctrl+V) into almost any application.

System menu

   FreeWatch.exe for Windows for Mac OS-X (x86)

   FreeWatch.exe (Pocket PC ARM/SH3 release)

Save the FreeWatch.exe file to your desktop PC and copy it to the Program Files directory on your Pocket PC. Or download directly from your Pocket PC device.


 Safe to download 100% Clean  FreeWatch  Get it from CNET!