Baba BarAnn Around the Pacific


Actual Passage Charts

From Seattle down to Mexico, we used "real" NOAA and other charts produced by the government. For $650 we also purchased several hundred photocopied charts, covering virtually every anchorage from Los Angeles to India. We also wanted charts to plot our progress on passages. I decided to write a simple program that would print out 8  1/2" X 11" paper with grid lines.

Before each passage I would label the latitude and longitude on the grid, and tape together as many pages as it took.  All land and other navigational features were then penciled in. Each day, at 0430 zulu we would check in to the the Pacific Maritime Net and report our position, and other information. We also marked that 0430Z position on the grid. I would often track the position of other nearby boats to follow their progress.

  bullet Mexico to the Marquesas
  bullet Samoas to Fiji to New Zealand
  bullet New Zealand to Rarotonga
  bullet Rarotonga to Hawaii
  bullet Hawaii to Latitude 42N
  bullet Latitude 42N to Canada

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